tipsby RONI MUNK, Dermatologist
We already have to come to terms with aging. Ugh. But because life can’t be that easy, there’s such a thing as behavioural aging. It’s a lovely phenomenon in which external factors like pollution, stress, fatigue, UV rays, unbalanced diet and smoking—wait for it—speed up the aging process. Read More

Fountain of Youth
by RONI MUNK Dermatologist
Shopping for skin care shouldn’t be confusing—we just want to know that it works. That’s why we’ve demystified and debunked the best ingredients to take you from anti-aging amateur to active ingredient guru. Read More
Seeing Spots
by RONI MUNK, Dermatologist
There are many ways to deal with dark spots, but it’s important to first determine the type of hyperpigmentation with the help of an expert. The common culprit, however? The sun. Read More

The Sun's Not-So Bright Side
by RONI MUNK Dermatologist
It’s true, the saying “fun under the sun” is very misleading. Sure, we’re excited to hike, surf and tan but the truth is, we’re exposing ourselves to more harm than, well, fun. Read More
Science Says
by RONI MUNK, Dermatologist
If our skin tells our life story, what do we want it to say? Any keen investigator knows that the first step is to conduct a solid background check. So how can we get to the source of what our skin is saying? Read More
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