Why MunkMD?

MunkMD is an all-encompassing medical and cosmetic clinic focusing on skin health, anti-aging and rejuvenation. All treatment plans are created by board certified dermatologists specialising in aesthetic medicine, in order to deliver superior results with a focus on patient safety.

What is Coolsculpting?

Coolsculpting™ is quickly becoming the most popular treatment worldwide to eliminate stubborn pockets of fat and contour the body without any surgery or downtime. It safely delivers targeted cooling to the fat cells, resulting in fat cell crystallization and death. Over time, the body naturally processes the fat and permanently eliminates these cells, leading to a more sculpted and fit physique. No scars, no downtime, just pure results after only one or two sessions.

How Does The Coolsculpting Procedure Work?

The procedure is relatively painless. Initially, a gel pad and applicator are applied to the skin. A vacuum will then draw the target zone into an applicator cup, resulting in a mild pulling sensation. Controlled cooling occurs over the next 10 minutes, at which time a cooling sensation can be felt, but as the area becomes numb after 6-10 minutes, any discomfort will subside. Every zone treated lasts about 1 hour, and people undergoing the treatments can read, watch a movie or just relax as they will not feel any discomfort throughout the majority of the procedure. Areas amenable to treatment include the abdomen, flanks (love handles), back, thighs, buttocks, arms, and even the submental area (the double chin). Essentially if the fat can be pinched, it can be treated.

The procedure has about a 95% satisfaction rate, which is why it has become an international phenomenon. Dr. Munk and his team will tailor the treatment to your specific goals. While results can sometimes be seen as early as 3 weeks, most dramatic changes happen between 2-3 months after the treatment. There is a reason this treatment has largely replaced liposuction. It works, without any surgery or scars. Shape the body of your dreams at MunkMD with Coolsculpting™.

Before-After Impact of Coolsculpting Session
Results of Coolsculpting Treatment

Results of Coolsculpting Treatment
Results of Coolsculpting Treatment

Results of Coolsculpting Treatment
Results of Coolsculpting Treatment

Warning: These photos are for reference only and to provide information on the treatment. Results may vary from patient to patient.

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