Tattoo Regret: Tattoo Removal at MunkMD

Throughout history people have decorated their skin in many different ways. Some cultures use jewellery, others use makeup, and some permanently tattoo designs into the skin. Nobody gets a tattoo with the intention of removing it. However, sometimes people change their mind and no longer wish to have a permanent mark on their skin. If this sounds familiar, MunkMDs laser tattoo removal treatment might be helpful for you!

At MunkMD we remove tattoos using the Picoway Resolve laser. This treatment is also used to target pigmented or discoloured areas such as freckles, sun spots, nevus of ota, and more. The Picoway laser has revolutionized tattoo removal, and it is now more comfortable and quicker than ever. Continue reading to learn about tattoos and how you can get your tattoo removed!

What are tattoos?

To understand how they can be removed, lets break down how tattoos work. These permanent skin markings are created by small needles that  perforate the skin and deposit ink, dye, or pigment in the dermis, the second and deeper layer of the skin. The reason for this is that the first layer, the epidermis, is the layer that sheds and regenerates cells. By placing the ink lower, on the dermis layer, the process of being broken down by white blood cells is slowed to the degree that tattoos are essentially permanent, and only fade slightly over time.

How to remove tattoos?

So how are tattoos removed, if the ink is placed deep in the skin and doesnt get naturally broken down? The Picoway laser blasts the ink particles with lasers of three different wavelengths, breaking them down so that the body can effectively and naturally flush them. The Picoway laser delivers high power energy in super-short bursts: the time is actually measured in picoseconds, which is one-trillionth of a second! Additionally, the concentrated size of the Picoway laser only targets the desired areas and ensures the safety of the surrounding skin tissue.

The treatment is quicker and less painful than receiving a tattoo: with numbing cream applied beforehand, the process produces minimal discomfort and is described as the feeling of rubber bands snapping on the skin.” Immediately after the treatment, the affected skin has a white crust, which soon sloughs off, and possible redness and sensitivity of the area, which also passes in a couple of days.

For best results, a course of five to eight sessions is recommended, with eight weeks between sessions. Sessions last 10-30 minutes, depending on the size and details of the tattoo.

Who can have tattoo removal treatment?

The Picoway laser tattoo removal treatment is safe and suitable for all skin types and all tattoos. Past methods of tattoo removal had difficulty with some colours, such as red or white, but the Picoway laser has different wavelengths that target pigments deposited at different depths in the skin.

The process at MunkMD

Every treatment at MunkMD begins with a personalized consultation, conducted either in person or online. Our goal is to provide state of the art technology, personalized care, and the most natural-looking results.

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