The Sun’s Not-So Bright Side

The Sun's Not-So Bright Sideby RONI MUNK, Dermatologist
It’s true, the saying “fun under the sun” is very misleading. Sure, we’re excited to hike, surf and tan but the truth is, we’re exposing ourselves to more harm than, well, fun.

Meet UVA & UVB, the ultraviolet rays penetrating through the atmosphere and causing harm to our skin through radiation. Although mostly absorbed by the ozone, UVB rays are the key players in sunburns and skin cancer, while UVA infiltrate the skin’s surface causing premature aging and initiating certain types of skin cancer.


Mr. Sun does more harm than good

The solution? Enjoy the benefits of the sun, like the oh-so necessary Vitamin D –not that golden glow (get your priorities in check) – by monitoring the UV index and protecting your skin at all times, no matter the season.

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