Science Says

by RONI MUNK, Dermatologist
Science SaysIf our skin tells our life story, what do we want it to say? Any keen investigator knows that the first step is to conduct a solid background check. So how can we get to the source of what our skin is saying?

The perfect chemistry between skin and products

Enter the Vichy skin diagnostic: a free in-store analysis tool, which includes a hydrometer to measure hydration levels, and vidomicoscope that magnifies skin’s tissue up to 30 times in order to properly visualize brown spots and clogged pores. The best part? This analysis is entirely personalized – there’s no such thing as “one size fits all” when it comes to skin care.

With these results, a Beauty Advisor can “prescribe” our ultimate skin care routine. She’ll choose from Vichy’s on wide range of products for every skin type, concern and condition, and hand-pick the products that address what our skin needs in order for it to be ideal.

Pretty helpful right? Click here to see the nearest drugstores in your area to get your free skin diagnostic, and here for $20 off your skin care routine.

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