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Beauty may be skin deep, but feeling better about yourself goes to the bone


A Montreal chef had a hard time bending her elbows after getting burns from an accidental kitchen fire at work. But her quality of life improved drastically after dermatologist Dr. Roni Munk used a life-changing CO2 laser treatment.

“She had burns all over her arms, back, torso and shoulders — pretty much everywhere on her upper body — and she was barely able to bend her arms because she had these huge thick scars that were so tight,” Munk said. “So we used a CO2 laser on selected areas to help loosen the tightness of the scars. As the area healed, she was able to bend her elbows, and it made a huge difference in her life.”

Burn victims are not Munk’s only patients. As a specialist in medical dermatology, his care and treatments result in the best cosmetic outcome possible. Patients also see him for acne, psoriasis and skin cancers such as basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma and melanoma.

“I treat five to 10 skin cancer patients every day,” Munk said. “By using a CO2 laser or other technologies, not only is the cancer gone, but it heals incredibly well. I treat the cancer, but also always keep the aesthetic in mind.”

Munk also treats Bell’s palsy patients suffering from paralysis on one side of their face by using dermal fillers to restore facial balance and symmetry.




“I remember one young patient was very self-conscious about the way he looked, felt awkward and never smiled in public,” Munk recalled. “The first time he saw himself after treatment, he gave us a big smile.”

Munk’s cosmetic treatments include injectables like Botox and dermal fillers, laser resurfacing for wrinkles, photo rejuvenation for sun and age spots, cosmetic mole removal, body contouring to permanently destroy fat cells, laser hair removal, gentle exfoliation with a Silkpeel, a medical-grade spa facial, and skin tightening, including a procedure called Fractora for loose skin on the neck. Double chins are treated with Belkyra, which is popular among both women and men who enjoy quick, non-surgical results.

“People used to get facelifts but wouldn’t address the neck because that was an extra cost,” he pointed out. “Women would say, ‘Forget that, I’ll just wear a scarf!’ But you’d take the scarf off at the beach and people would say, ‘She’s not 50; she’s 70!’ Between Belkyra and Fractora, you can get a beautiful neck rejuvenation, and it is much cheaper than surgery.”

For Munk, technological advances have changed the way medical and cosmetic dermatology is practiced.

“As the industry produces more technologies every year and medical spas open on every corner, it’s important to consult the experts with the proper qualifications,” he said. “Not everybody has the proper qualifications, and if the treatments aren’t done right, there can be serious consequences, like scarring and burning of the skin. But I am trained to deliver those services safely.”




Munk, who hosts the Skin Deep radio show on CJAD, employs 10 at his private clinic, which just moved to a loftier downtown locale inside the Medical Arts Building. His staff includes two nurses, two aestheticians and a skin-care consultant.

“At consultations, which last anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes, my staff and I come up with a strategy to meet the patient’s needs and they leave with a plan,” Munk explained. “We can also start on treatments the very same day to accommodate our patients, which is the benefit of having a large clinic that is staffed with trained medical aesthetic nurses and technicians like ours.”

Proper follow-ups with every patient are part of the protocol to see their results and to reassess and discuss the next steps.

That said, Munk believes patients need to be proactive with their skin.

“Just like you get your hair cut, you need to maintain your skin care,” he said. “We never want to change the way you look. We want to improve things, make you your best self. That’s what we strive for with each of our patients. When they leave my clinic, they feel better about themselves.”

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