Ain’t Behaving

by RONI MUNK, Dermatologist
tipsWe already have to come to terms with aging. Ugh. But because life can’t be that easy, there’s such a thing as behavioural aging.It’s a lovely phenomenon in which external factors like pollution, stress, fatigue, UV rays, unbalanced diet and smoking —wait for it—speed up the aging process.

How environment and bad habits speed up the aging process

Recognizable signs are greying and dulling complexion, pigmentation marks, drawn features and under-eye bags, enlarged pores and oily patches.

As we’re hustling to make it in this concrete jungle, our skin rebels by aging faster. Yes, we know we need to rest, eat better and live a balanced life, but then how do things get done? Enter Idealia, a skin care line by Vichy that targets behavioural aging, so we can keep doing what we’re doing.

Quick-fix life-hacks that won’t leave you feeling guilty: leave

Skipped breakfast?
Snacking on almonds and hazelnuts ward off hunger pains and desires for fatty or sugary foods.

Forgot to remove makeup?
Spending a little more time cleansing our face in the morning and applying serum can brighten our skin tone.

Craving sun?
Self-tanner is the healthiest way to get a quick glow.

Working overtime?
It’s necessary to take a deep breath, stretch, relax, move around, and treat ourselves to a large smoothie full vitamins from with kiwis, strawberries and bananas.

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