Scar Improvement

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Scar Improvement

Acne Scarring Therapy

There are different dermatological procedures used to reduce the appearance of scars and improve the skin’s TM texture. Dr. Munk will determine the best method for scar improvement based on the type, severity, and location of the scar. Scar-minimizing treatments available at MunkMD include cortisone injections, fractionated laser resurfacing with Fractora™, Cutera Laser Genesis™, and intense pulsed light treatments.

Cortisone injections:

Corticosteroids help relieve inflammation, reduce redness and improve the appearance of thick scars. Cortisone injections are administered directly into the scars to affect the collagen, and will often result in a flatter and more subtle scar.

Laser resurfacing with Fractora™:

Fractora™ is the most advanced fractionated radio frequency treatment, leading to an improved skin tone and texture. Fractora™ delivers radio frequency energy to the skin, creating a controlled ablation in order to promote collagen remodeling, tightening, and skin cell turnover. This results in a firmer, rejuvenated and brighter looking skin. This technology is very effective for improving many types of acne scarring as the affected collagen is renewed and tightened.

Prior to treatment, a topical numbing cream is recommended to reduce any associated discomfort. During treatment, the tip will be applied to the skin and a pulse of radio frequency will pulse into the skin and target the appropriate areas. Treatments are customizable based on the underlying condition treated, and the amount of downtime that is tolerable.

Patients should expect redness and mild swelling of the treated zone which can persist for 2-4 days. Each session will further ablate and resurface the skin in a controlled manner, resulting in a reduction of wrinkles, skin laxity, textural irregularities, and scarring.

Cutera Laser Genesis:

The Laser Genesis skin treatment combines heating of the micro vasculature and gentle heating of the dermis to improve skin texture, shrink pore size, and reduce redness. Unlike most laser treatments, Laser Genesis can be used on all skin types, making for a safe and effective year-round treatment.

Laser Genesis is safe, effective, creates minimal discomfort and requires no anesthesia. This laser skin treatment feels like a warming sensation on the skin. Most patients appreciate the extreme comfort of the procedure, which produces absolutely no downtime.

Patients will slowly start to see results a few weeks after starting treatment as the cells deep in the middle layer of the skin begin to repair and rise to the skin’s surface. Multiple treatment session are needed to notice improvements in texture, redness, and scarring.

Intense Pulse Light treatments are very effective at reducing redness and pigmentation present in many types of scars. Multiple sessions are often required, but the end results are natural and overall scar appearance usually improves significantly.

acne scar removal montreal
scar removal montreal

Warning: These photos are for reference only and to provide information on the treatment. Results may vary from patient to patient.

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