CO2 Laser

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MunkMD is an all-encompassing medical and cosmetic clinic focusing on skin health, anti-aging and rejuvenation. All treatment plans are created by board certified dermatologists specializing in aesthetic medicine, in order to deliver superior results with a focus on patient safety.

Fractional Co2 Laser Treatment Montreal

CO2RE is a fractionated CO2 laser system that targets and effectively treats both superficial and deep skin layers to rejuvenate, tighten and brighten the skin. As we age, collagen and elastic fibers are denatured deep in the skin leading to a loss in firmness, more wrinkles and sagginess. Excessive sun exposure results in brown sun spots, fine lines, rough texture and uneven skin tones. A CO2 ablative laser is the gold standard laser to address all of these problems and will renew the skin from the inside out. Patients will experience dramatic improvements in tone and texture, sun-damage and age spots. Fractionated CO2 treatments are ideal for anybody wanting to rejuvenate and refresh their skin without the long down time associated with conventional resurfacing procedures, and with minimal complications.

CO2RE laser is also the ultimate solution for treating individual moles, age spots and scars. Due to its very precise ablative capabilities, it is able to treat these benign skin lesions effectively, ensuring the lowest risk of scar formation. At MunkMD, we perform laser resurfacing of many skin growths, ensuring the best cosmetic outcomes for our patients.

For full face rejuvenation, people can expect some mild discomfort during the procedure, but the anesthetic applied prior to the procedure typically makes any discomfort very tolerable.

Results are often obtained after a single treatment session. The skin will look softer and smoother in the days following the treatment. The age spots and uneven textures will start to show immediate improvements. Collagen remodeling and tightening occurs over the following 3-6 months. The procedure is also effective for eyelid laxity, deep wrinkles around the mouth and acne scarring.

Immediately after the procedure, a sunburn sensation is common and will last several hours. This is followed by peeling of dead skin cells and natural exfoliation that can last up to a week.

CO2 Laser

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