Dr. Munk’s Guide to Facial Fillers

  • Posted on: Apr 6 2022
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The cosmetics market in Canada is expected to grow to nearly $1.6 billion by 2025. With the ever-rising popularity of minimally invasive cosmetic procedures, facial filler is one of the most sought out treatments with nearly 3.4 million injections of fillers administered in 2020 alone. 

Are you thinking about exploring fillers for yourself? Check out Dr. Munk’s filler guide to learn about the most important factors to keep in mind before getting fillers.

1. Who’s behind the needle?

Amazing results start with the injector! It’s important to receive facial fillers from licensed medical professionals. Do your research before going through with the process. Ask about their experience in aesthetic injections, how they were trained and take a look at their before & after pictures. Book a consultation to have the opportunity to discuss your desires and expectations and take the time to think about it before you return for the procedure. 

2. What’s your budget?

Prices will vary depending on the amount of filler you get and your overall goals. At your consultation, discuss your budget and see if it aligns with what your injector suggests. Fillers provide temporary results therefore you should prepare to take on the recurring expense of fillers. The best results will come if you wait for when you can afford a comprehensive treatment plan!

3. What are your expectations?

One of the most important things to remember is every person’s anatomy is unique, so bringing a picture of your favourite celebrity’s features may not be the best point of reference. Rather, bring an image of yourself from when you had more facial volume and open up about the areas you want to see improvement. The injector will provide their expertise and map out exactly what can be done to achieve your goals by enhancing your natural features. 

4. How long will the results last?

Multiple factors will impact the longevity of the results such as the product used, how much product was used, the area of the face, etc. A general rule of thumb is results can last from 6-24 months. As mentioned, results are temporary so if you’re happy with the results, it will require upkeep to maintain the overall look. However, if you feel fillers are not for you, the treatment is reversible. Fillers can be dissolved within 24 hours after injecting. Touch-ups can always be done as well after two weeks of the first injection to reassess and decide if more product is needed.  

5. What to do before & after the injection?

The facial filler procedure lasts no longer than 20 minutes but there are important things to keep in mind pre and post appointment. Before your appointment, avoid drugs such as aspirin, Aleve, Advil and fish-oil supplements since they are blood thinners that can increase the likelihood of bruising and swelling. Be sure to schedule your appointment at least 48-72 hours before any major event, especially in sensitive areas like the lips, as bruising and swelling are the most common side effects. 

Post-appointment apply an ice pack to the area to help reduce swelling and topically apply Arnica. Avoid itching, massaging or picking around the injection site. Lastly, avoid visiting the dentist after getting filler. During your annual cleaning, a ton of bacteria is released into your mouth and travels into your bloodstream. Fillers are considered an implant, meaning it’s a foreign substance in the body, and this excess bacteria ups the risk of infection.  

Dr. Munk personally tailors facial filler treatment plans and administers injections on all patients. If you’re considering facial fillers, book your consultation today at MunkMD and we’ll help you achieve your aesthetic goals! 

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