Bye Bye, Double Chin!

Summer Body Sculpting: Make your plan with Dr. Munk! One of the biggest trends in aesthetics currently is body sculpting with non-surgical procedures. These treatments target and reduce areas of unwanted fat on the body, lift and tighten the skin, and help refine the contours of the face. Beautiful results can be achieved with one […]

The Art of Facial Slimming Without Surgery

As the expression goes, beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. At MunkMD Dermatology clinic, we recognize that beauty lies not only in the beholder, but in the mind and heart of the beheld. If you have found yourself struggling with your natural beauty, wishing your face had a slimmer, more sculpted appearance, we’ve got […]

Pigmentation Problems: The PicoWay Solution for a Clearer Complexion

If you’re dreaming of clearer skin in 2019, look no further! MunkMD Dermatology Clinic has the best treatment to get an even complexion: the PicoWay laser system. Used for general improvement of pigmentation and skin quality as well as spot treatments of age spots, lentigines, acne scars, freckles, and more, PicoWay is a multi-purpose treatment […]

Body Contouring Insider Secrets: Coolsculpting vs. BodyFX

Before getting started with the comparison, let’s quickly review what the Coolsculpting and BodyFX treatments actually are: While many still turn to liposuction to remove fat and trim their bodies, there are several other options that often go overlooked. Many of these alternative treatments provide a quicker, less invasive, and more affordable method to achieve […]

Glowing, Healthy Skin: The CO2 Laser Treatment

Just like the fashion world, the skincare world has trends that come and go. At MunkMD Dermatology Clinic, we believe in a timeless approach to achieving younger, healthy skin. While we do pay close attention to trends and the latest research and technologies, we prioritize lasting wellness above all. Trends tend to focus on more […]

Winter Treatments

Winter in Montreal is a big deal. It affects everything from our social lives to our health and beauty routines. If you’re not sure how to take care of your skin this winter, allow us to help you. Here are six treatments at MunkMD that are perfect for the colder months! 1- Injections  There’s never […]

Ultherapy | Facelift

Ultherapy, a Facelift Without Surgery

Does your face need a little pick-me-up? We know the feeling! Sagging skin is a major aging factor and makes the skin look and feel unhealthy. Since the face and chest get so much exposure to external elements such as UV rays, temperature changes, products, and more, they’re often first to wrinkle and become more […]

Skin Cancer – What You Need to Know

As a dermatologist, I see a range of issues in my clinic every day. Unfortunately, one that I see very often is skin cancer. Skin cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer worldwide, and is particularly prevalent in Canada. It’s also one of the easiest to cure if detected early. This is why taking preventative […]

Lips of Distinction: The Best Lip Filler Technique

Throw away your lip liners and lip gloss, and unfollow celebrity Instagrams! There’s a new technique for lip filler and it’s only available at MunkMD. No more over-filled and fake-looking lips – this technique enhances your lips while maintaining a natural look. Tastefully plumped, beautifully balanced, and well hydrated…these are the qualities of Lips of […]

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