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  • Posted on: Mar 23 2018
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Have you lost hope in a cure for acne? At MunkMD, we offer various solutions for acne, as well as the scars that it can leave behind.

Nowadays, acne is a concern that millions of us have to live with every day. Acne vulgaris has long been thought to only appear in adolescence, but we now know that it can affect all skin types, regardless of age. Among those affected, some will see their acne disappear with a series of treatments or lasers, while others will not act in time and can end up with scars. If you are impatient to have smooth and healthy skin again, we have solutions for you!

Treatment Against Mild Acne
There are several types of acne. The type that appears most commonly is comedonal acne, also called mild acne. In general, it is a mixture of blackheads, whiteheads, inflammatory pimples, and sometimes even cysts. We are often asked if there is a specific treatment for acne. The answer is no, because a person can be affected by different forms of acne, so their treatment is always chosen and tailored according to the form it takes. Fortunately there are multiple treatments for this annoyance, and it may also be preferable to opt for a combination of treatments, such as a chemical peel and SilkPeel Dermalinfusion treatment, which promotes the cleansing and exfoliation of the skin. Sometimes a laser can be recommended to round off treatment by reducing redness and inflammation of the skin. Of course, you should never forget the importance of a rigorous daily skin care routine to increase your chances of seeing your acne disappear for good.

Treatment For Severe Acne
For those who suffer from severe acne, the best treatment option is photodynamic therapy, which simultaneously combines a medical cream with an LED light source. This duo is very promising for the most resistant acne and also manages to revitalize the health of the skin. If all this fails, there is still isotretinoin, a derivative of vitamin A. This drug attacks the most severe acne directly, but is rarely chosen as a first course of action due to having multiple side effects.

Acne Scars
You’ve probably already wondered, “why does some people’s acne disappear while others get scars?” It’s true – most cases of acne will fade naturally over time, while others seem to be cursed with severe acne, or worse, scars caused by this ailment. So what is it that makes some people luckier than other in the skin department? It all depends on the level of inflammation. The greater it is, the higher the risk of scarring. That’s why a daily facial care routine is extremely important, in order to reduce inflammation by exfoliating and unblocking your pores.

On the other hand, acne scars can be treated and their appearance improved with several treatments offered at MunkMD. Fractional resurfacing lasers (such as
Fractora™), Micro needling, and Picoway Resolve are all excellent ways to do this. By promoting the remodelling of collagen, these treatments improve skin texture, pore size, and ultimately the acne scarring.

It is imperative to consult a dermatologist before making any major decisions about which skin care routines to use, and to learn about the treatments that will best suit your skin. Feel free to call MunkMD for a one-on-one consultation.

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