At-Home Skincare During the Pandemic

In uncertain times, there is comfort to be found in rituals of self care. By taking a few minutes twice daily (morning and night) to care for our skin, we are nourishing the physical body as well as the mind. The small act of applying products gives us a moment to practice self love. Consistency during times of increased stress results in healthier and more beautiful skin in the long term!

The Basics – Daily Skincare Regimen

The first step of home skincare is to establish a daily routine. Dr. Munk recommends a five-step morning plan: cleanser, toner, moisturizer, anti-oxidant, and last but not least, sun protection. This may seem like a lot of effort for working from home in your sweats, but it’s necessary to feed the skin nutrients, just like we continue to feed the body. The two step nightly routine (exfoliator, growth-factor serum) removes any dirt and dead skin cells, leaving you refreshed for the next day.

Stick to your normal routine and tried-and-true products during self-isolation, instead of going overboard. Heightened stress levels mean this is not a good time to try new things: the body is already adjusting to a lot. In a situation that is completely out of our control, it can be vital to our mental well-being to control small details and regain some semblance of normalcy.

The Next Level – Body Skincare

Despite being the largest organ in the human body, we often forget to care for our skin beyond the face. The hands, feet, legs, arms, back, and even chest can benefit from maintenance, and a little extra attention every once in a while. The hair and nails can also use some TLC every once in a while, so don’t forget about them either!

Hands: moisturizer after washing, especially when washing more frequently and rigorously.
Feet: exfoliate with a file or foot scrub before bathing, moisturize after.
Legs: exfoliate to remove dead skin cells, then moisturize. Maintenance reduces razor bumps.
Arms: exfoliate to remove dead skin cells and reduce texture irregularities.
Chest: moisturize to reduce stretch marks.
Nails: keep nails neatly trimmed and moisturize with cuticle oils.
Hair: try a deep conditioner or restorative treatment once a month.

Expert Level – Consultations and Treatments

If you don’t know where or how to start your skincare journey, or experience any skin concerns, book a virtual dermatology consultation or in-person dermatology consultation with Dr. Munk at our Montreal clinic. His expert assessment will help you learn about your skin and address any other dermatology-related issues. Virtual dermatology consultations are also an ideal way to get a preliminary assessment of chronic skin issues, acne, rashes, and more and even any skin lesions or suspicious growths. Dr. Munk can then recommend a treatment or an in-person follow up consultation.

An essential part of our usual recommended skincare routines is in-clinic treatments. Until we can provide that service to you again we encourage you to maintain your normal routine and treat your skin with care.

Existing patients undergoing treatment plans need not worry about the longer wait between their treatment cycles. Most of the laser and body sculpting treatments we provide can have several months between sessions.

If you have any questions or want to schedule your consultation, please reach out to us here.

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