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  • Posted on: Jul 2 2016
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MunkOn behalf of the MunkMD team, I would like to introduce you to our blog: : Skin Deep avec le Dr Munk.

Practicing dermatology in Montreal is a constant challenge. I treat skin cancers and other damaging effects of ultraviolet radiation on a daily basis. I have always felt an extreme importance to share my knowledge and to make everyone familiar with the harmful effects of sun exposure on the skin. Having done my dermatology training at McGill University, followed by a fellowship in laser and aesthetic medicine, I am very aware of what it takes to keep our skin looking young, healthy and vibrant.

I have created this blog to raise awareness on all issues involving skin health. My objective is to discuss various topics, from sun exposure, to skin cancers, to aesthetic dermatology, in order for you to better understand how the skin works and treatments that can improve overall skin quality. You can depend on our team to stay up-to-date on the latest clinical research in the field and on the newest and best technologies, techniques and treatment options available. Our mission is to use our blog as a platform to share our expertise and to encourage our readers to take proper care of their skin.

Our focus at MunkMD is all encompassing; we want to ensure that your skin and natural beauty is always preserved. Through excellent skin care, top of the line laser and light technologies, and a specialization in cosmetic injectables, you can rest assured that all of your needs will be fulfilled.


Roni Munk


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