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Dermatology Podcasts: Skin Deep with Dr. Roni Munk as heard on CJAD

Skin Deep: Melanoma Awareness

Date : May 3rd, 2017

Listen to Dr. Munk talk about the different types of melanoma, what the most common causes of skin cancer are and what to look for on your skin when self-screening. Do you know what permanent effects a sunburn can cause? Get all the answers during this session of Skin Deep. Another topic discussed is mole removal with a CO2 laser - what are the benefits and why it gives the best results. Did you ever notice your toe nail has turned white? Tune in to find out why this could be happening and what can be done to treat it.

In this session of Skin Deep Dr Munk discusses what you can do to get yourself ready for summer. The topics discussed include taking proper care of your skin during sunny summer days, treatments to help get your body beach ready, and treatment options for excessive sweating. Listen in to hear more about Dr. Munk's coolscupting event, an open house at our clinic where you can learn more about whether or not this is the right procedure for you and to come down and see our new and improved clinic. Also discussed in this session are the different procedures that we, at Munk MD combine with coolsculpting to help maximize your results and reach your body goals. Another interesting topic explained is hyperhydrosis or excessive sweating. This is a problem that affects 3% of people most commonly on the hands, feet and armpits. Listen in to hear about what steps you can take to help overcome this issue.

In this session of Skin Deep with Dr. Munk, rosacea is discussed and explained thoroughly. Rosacea effects 5-10% of the population and most sufferers are not even aware of their condition or that it can be treated. Listen in to hear about the different types of rosacea, and what treatments are most effective to help treat it. If you do have rosacea, tune in to learn what you can do to help keep it under control, and what some of the potential triggers can be. Also in this session, Dr. Munk goes over some of the laser technologies available at his clinic. Other interesting topics include what to do about sun damaged skin, and how to treat precancerous skin cells.

Skin Deep: Caring for Your Skin

Date : February 27th, 2017

In this session of Skin Deep with Dr Munk he discusses how to take care of your skin properly by using the right products. If you suffer from large pores, listen in to learn what you can do to help minimize the appearance of pores, from using specific creams, to laser treatments. Dr. Munk also discusses what affects make-up can have on your skin, and why it is so important to wash it off every night. If you've ever wondered what affects the sun has on your skin in terms of damage and aging, which types of sunscreens work best, and whether chemical or mineral sunscreens are more beneficial, then tune in to this session. Have you heard of a PRP Facelift? Dr. Munk is excited to announce that Munk MD will now be offering PRP (platelet rich plasma treatments) combined with micro-needling and other treatments offered at the clinic already. PRP is also an incredible treatment to help with hair loss. Tune in to find out more!

Skin Deep: Debunking Skincare Myths

Date : January 16th, 2017

In this session of Skin Deep Dr. Munk reviews some of the most common skin care myths out there, and answers your questions about everything from tanning beds, the role of genetics on aging, drinking water, and so much more. Do you have tattoos, and have you ever wondered if you've damaged your skin? Get your answers here. Dr. Munk also discusses whether or not acne is caused by the foods you eat, what types of treatments can help with acne as well as things that can be done to keep acne away after accutane treatments. Listen in if you are curious about topics like eczema on the scalp, how to get rid of your blackheads, and where you can buy mineral sunscreens. And is it ever too late to help combat sun damaged skin and aging? Listen to Dr. Munk discuss what you can do to help reduce sun damage caused by sun exposure throughout your youth.

In this session of Skin Deep with Dr. Munk he discusses the roles of internal and external factors on the ageing process. Discover what tools you can use as well as things to avoid in order to help your skin age gracefully. These factors include your sleep schedule, diet, UVA sun rays during the winter, and pollution in the air. Listen in to hear what laser procedures are available to help you with various skin concerns, including brown spots and age spots, as well as what types skin products you should be using. Dr. Munk also announces some exciting news about the clinic!

Skin Deep: Hot Topics!

Date : November 15, 2016

In this session of Skin Deep with Dr. Munk he delves into the hot topics of medical and cosmetic dermatology, and goes over the treatments and procedures that are available at our clinic. Dr. Munk discusses skin cancer explaining the different types as well as the severity of each and explains the signs to look out for. Other concerns addressed during this show include Skin Tags, Age Spots, Hair Removal, Moles, Under-Eye Bags, Hand Rejuvenation, Rosacea, and so much more! Ever wonder why you shouldn't go to bed with your makeup on? Listen in to hear the answer to this question along with many other common skin related inquiries.

Skin Deep: Facial Rejuvination

Date : October 18, 2016

In this session of Skin Deep with Dr. Munk he focuses on dermal fillers. Find out what dermal fillers are, the improvements that have been made to fillers in recent years, and what types are available to you. Dr. Munk also discusses the differences between Botox and Fillers, the areas where they are most commonly injected, and the advantages of using a combination of both . Listen in to learn what Dr. Munk's goals are when it comes to injectables and the related benefits.

In this session of Skin Deep with Dr. Munk he discusses the best ways to help you keep healthy and young looking skin. Listen in to hear what avoidable factors cause the skin’s appearance to change and age as well as some great tips on how to slow the aging process of the skin. Dr. Munk also talks about a brand new laser he has in office, and the impressive results it can achieve.

In this session of Skin Deep with Dr. Munk he goes into detail about what treatment options are available to patients who suffer from Acne and Rosacea. Dr. Munk discusses the most common causes of Acne, what can be done to help get rid of acne, and what treatment options to help improve acne scarring. If you suffer from redness on your face, listen in to see if you have Rosacea and what can be done to decrease the redness.

In this session of Skin Deep with Dr. Munk he answers your questions about the different types of injections that are available to you. Have you ever wondered how Botox works and how it can help you medically as well as cosmetically? Dr. Munk discusses the pros and cons of Dermal Fillers and Botox, and explores the ways in which injectables can be used to improve both medical and cosmetic concerns.

Skin Deep: Submental Fullness

Date : May 19, 2016

In this session of Skin Deep with Dr. Munk listen in as he discusses what can be done to help improve submental fullness, or in other words, how to help get rid of your double chin. Dr. Munk goes through the benefits and differences of treatment options.

In this session of Skin Deep, Dr. Munk discusses new advances that have recently become accessible in Canada to cosmetic dermatologists. Listen in if you are interested in learning about non-invasive options to fixing common skin problems. If you have been considering meeting with a plastic surgeon, there may be treatments available to you that do not involve surgery.

Welcome to Skin Deep With Dr. Munk

Date : November 18, 2015

Listen in to Dr. Munk’s first skin deep podcast where he discusses everything from sun-damaged skin to fillers and body sculpting. In this session Dr. Munk also clarifies the differences between UVA and UVB sun rays and explains why physical sunscreens are better than chemical sunscreens.