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Skin Deep with Dr. Roni Munk as heard on CJAD

Basic Facts About Acne

Have you lost hope in a cure for acne? At MunkMD, we offer various solutions for acne, as well as the scars that it can leave behind. Nowadays, acne is a concern that millions of us have to...
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The Natural Beauty of Fillers

For those people that have visited my office, you know that we offer a lot of different treatments and procedures at MunkMD. From chemical peels, to laser rejuvenation, hair removal and coolsculpting , there is a vast array...
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Skin tips to look your best

We all strive to look our best. As the largest organ in the body, skin is the most important factor contributing to beauty and self-confidence. The skin we are born with remains for life, so it is essential...
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A letter to our readers

On behalf of the MunkMD team, I would like to introduce you to our blog: : Skin Deep avec le Dr Munk. Practicing dermatology in Montreal is a constant challenge. I treat skin cancers and other damaging effects...
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